Idiots, madmen, or geniuses?

There’s a fine line between being a madman and being a genius. Many times they coexist, and the line doesn’t even make sense. Maybe it’s the idiots who think there are lines or borders or barriers or setbacks, or then geniuses tell people that they exist, or then we’re all just madmen and madwomen thinking that we cannot do anything about them.

Last week we thought we were idiots by taking off the carburettor to clean it and making our tuk tuk not start. Our idiocy though turned out to be geniousy, because all it needed was a little starter fluid. Whatever we fiddled about with the carburettor worked like a charm and our fuel consumption went down, the engine roars nicely once again, and our speed increased back to normal. Then the alternator stopped working.

Pyry pihoissa

This meant our battery was dead and whenever we had to turn off the motor, we needed cables to start it up again. Of course this is when the police stopped us for the first time in Europe for a routine check and tells us to turn off the motor.

They almost gave us a ticket cause they didn’t quite know what to do, but when they called their superior, he took out his camera, took some photos with us, and wished us luck for the final part of our journey. We didn’t want to ask them for cables so we packed our stuff slowly and gave them time to leave before figuring out what to do.

Our battery was completely out of juice and we were stuck, for maybe 10 seconds. A team of mechanics and racers suddenly pulled over to take photos with us and of course they had a look at our machine.

The super crew enlightened us that the problem indeed was the alternator, so they charged our battery for us and gave us tips on how to make it last. That night we went into MacGyver mode once again and managed to fix the alternator with a paperclip and bubble gum. In this case the paperclip means a screwdriver, and bubblegum means sandpaper.

We continued north into the ever colder weather adding more and more clothes to shield our sensitive skin. We had to MacGyver numerous wind barriers for the one at the back because the wind chill factor is absolutely crazy in the cold autumn rain.

Every so often we had to stop to fix problems if the going got too comfortable. We changed engine oil, gearbox oil, fixed the ripped plastic roof cover, punctured a tyre, blew fuses, had electrical problems and managed to make 4th gear not work. The closer we get the more difficult it seemed to become.

We fought through the frustration with Juho cooling his nerves in the back and Pyry driving in 3rd at 40km/h. Suddenly Pyry sprung out in song with Queens We are the Champions flailing about the Lithuanian fields, and something happened. After 2 hours of hundreds of cars and trucks passing by, Pyry gave one more try on the stick. Fourth gear popped in and oh the joy. Freddy Mercury was nothing compared to Pyry for the next few miles singing with the biggest smile on his face and beard flapping about from the wind once again.

We managed to drive all the way to Riga for the night and we are so glad about that. The freezing nights in the tent we’re draining our energy and our bones desperately needed some warmth.

Tuk Tuk pihalla rigassa

This is our final stop before driving the final 306km to Tallinn, which is so close. Then all we need to do is figure out how to get ourselves on the ferry with our empty pockets.

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