Hungarian Hospitality

We now have enough money to get to Lithuania, if we only use it on petrol. This is not the best of situations when thinking about it in a normal mindset, but luckily we are not normal people. We are circus artists and we welcome strange and twisted situations that need a little creativity, and lots of trust.

Being broke is nothing unsual for us and we’ve become quite good at finding the nicest of people to aid us on our journey. We are now in Eger, the epicentre of red wine perfection, and we may have found some of the nicest people yet.

Here in Eger, there is a hotel called Hotel Korona. They have been following our project for a good while now and I guess they sympathise our situation. We were offered a place to sleep with food, drinks, and a massage for a few days so that we could bathe ourselves clean again, and rest while figuring out a plan home. All without cost.

Along with the hot showers, the soft comfy beds, the wellness center and the wine tasting, the best parts about the place are the fantastic food and the sauna. Since Thailand, Delhi was the only place we managed to get into the sweatbox and we’ve used every chance we could get to dehydrate ourselves in the sauna before stuffing our faces with with traditional Hungarian dishes and trying out all the wonderful wines that this place is known for. Hungarian wines truly are something different, and they never come with a hangover.

This place even has catacombs with a wine museum filled with the nicest wines and some really really old bottles that would be so nice to try if they happened to be good after being bottled up for nearly a hundred years.


We’ve stayed here 3 nights catching up on all the work we haven’t had a chance to do in the tent, but unfortunately now all of this luxury stops once again. We need to head off through Slovakia into Poland because every day the weather gets colder, and it gets more and more difficult to start our beloved band wagon.

Andre our mechanic in Debrecen mentioned that cleaning the carburettor might help, but it’s a difficult job and the settings are fragile. Of course we were idiots thinking we could clean what we can from the outside without fiddling about with it too much, so after hours of youtube videos, research, and forums, we took off the carburettor for a little clean.

We didn’t fiddle with the settings, but we didn’t get it cleaned much either. We do however know how a carburettor works now, and what function it has in the system so that’s good. We also understand what we should have done to it a long time ago so that now it would work better, but of course learning means making mistakes and we are paying for it now.

Yesterday we reattached everything, correctly hopefully, but it won’t start. We even squirted petrol into the carburettor, hopefully in the right hole, but seems like the battery hasn’t really liked the cold and the damn thing just wont start.

Every single time we get a little bit closer to home, a new problem arises and it’s so frustrating. The good thing is that by the time we get to Finland, we’ll be able to disassemble the whole tuk tuk, put it back together, and understand every single component and its function. All we need to do is try keep up the positive attitude, trust that it will all go well, and hold on for the final few days.

The exhaustion is starting to kick in, but this rest in Eger has really been a perfect moment. Feeling much better, sun is shining, and today is a new day. There’s a big downhill for a proper jump start and let’s hope it does the job.

As for the money, we will exploit our skills on the streets and let our hats and ukulele cases fill up with coins that will hopefully get us all the way home. After all, what’s life without a little excitement.


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