Back In Business

The holiday is over. Thats how I felt on Wednesday after sitting 8 hours in the miserable Edirne Otogar. Grey weather, cold wind and absolutely no idea for how long I should wait there.

My flight arrived in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul at 4.55 a.m. and I felt extremely tired after not sleeping at all in the plane due my stomach. The holiday was perfect, stomach not. Change from Asian diet to the most western part of Europe was a little bit too much and most of the two weeks I ended up shitting water. I’m quite used to sitting on the toilet by now, but two weeks of not keeping it inside really takes the energy out of you.

That was the worst part about waiting for Pyry, being too exhausted to rise up from the bench to go anywhere else except the toilet. One lira a shot, I was the best customer the toilet owner could imagine.

Edirne is at the border, 20 km to the Bulgarian crossing, and 5 km to the Greek crossing. Pyry had screwed his telephone so there was no way of contacting him. On Tuesday we had agreed on Skype to meet at the Edirne bus station from midday and onwards at even hours. It was like in my teenage years, waiting at some strange bus station that somebody might end up there.

It was somewhat soothing, sitting hour after hour, swimming in memories just to run to the toilet when the urge came. Even the weather reminded me of my teenage years, cold, windy and grey.

The sun started to set and Pyry was still not around, I had checked the abandoned house close to the bus station and went to have dinner before setting my camp over there. Then i saw everybody staring at something, the tuk tuk had arrived. Pyry joined me at the restaurant and there was much rejoicing.

juho otogar

He had problems getting out of Canakkale and it had slowed him down. The night was setting so we headed to find a place to camp for the night. It didn’t take too long. We put up our tent next to a harvested cornfield that smelled like shit, but on the other hand, so did I. That night I slept like a log, if logs really do sleep deep unconscious sleep. Pyry did not, as I snored like a log timbered with a 70 cc chainsaw.


At the morning we discussed should we leave or should we go. We decided to find a hotel and stay for one more night in Turkey. I was exhausted and we wanted to finish everything else so we could focus on driving for the last leg.

After a small search we found a place. Green Apartments ended up being cheap, friendly and it has it’s own kitchen and a garden where we picked some tomatoes and peppers for dinner, just perfect.

Now it’s Friday morning. Yesterday we finished some videos from India and Pakistan, and got prepared for the journey. Today we will cross the border to Bulgaria.

It’s time to get home.


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