Gravitational Attraction

For a few years now I have had a possible theory for why we have gravity, and it came to me one day while driving a car in Finland. The root of this theory goes all the way back to my physics lessons in school with ping pong balls and a hairdryer, and my teenage years driving a 125cc motorcycle. Then one day I passed a truck and it all came together.

I’ve driven across Turkey now to a town close to Izmir to stay with two lovely ladies at an organic olive farm, and I will share my adventures with them in the next blog, but for now I’ve gone up and down mountain ranges, over vast flatlands and took a wrong turn once and ended up going through a farm village where they were really surprised to see an Afghan looking bearded guy wearing a topi hat driving a tuk tuk pimped up with colourful Pakistani decorations. The looks on their faces were priceless, and the smiles they gave me warmed up my heart during these cold times.

I’ve been trying to minimise petrol usage by doing two things that will possibly help me explain this gravitational theory of attraction of mine. The first thing I do to make the broken petrol meter stay put is pop the gearbox in neutral whenever I go downhill. On flatlands and uphills I try and find a car, a truck, or a bus that is going at a nice cruising speed for me and stay close behind it. This time there’s no gravitational attraction doing the work, but the vehicle in front creates a bubble of air flow that also creates a sort of attraction. The bigger the vehicle in front, the bigger the pull.

Now my idea for why we have gravitational attraction has to do we this flow. The physics experiment with ping pong balls and a hairdryer shows the same phenomenon that I’ve noticed while passing trucks and buses, that having air flow between two object, they get attracted to each other. I also know that the same phenomenon happens when there is a flow of water between two object.

I started thinking that maybe any two things with some kind of flow between them get attracted to each other. On the planetary scale there are very few things that flow, especially fast enough so it could create some kind of massive ‘gravitational attraction’, and if there was something going so fast, the mass of that flow would blow off everything from the surface of the planet.

There is however one thing that does flow very very fast, and it doesn’t blow things off the earth because it has no mass. This thing is called energy, and with energy I mean light, and cosmic radiation.

Light and cosmic radiation flows all the time in all directions as fast as anything can theoretically go, but because it has no mass, the ‘pushing’ vector can be completely negated, but its perpendicular vector would still apply because of the flow. This means we’re not flung off the planet from it’s force, but it still creates that attraction towards the earth. In short I think we have gravitational attraction because we have a flow of light and cosmic radiation.

I now realise while writing this that it’s not just a theory for why we have gravitational attraction, but why we have attraction in general. I think we are attracted to things every time there is a flow of energy in between whether it be physical, or spiritual, or whatever.

But now I’ve gone so far off topic that it’s time to get back to breakfast with the ladies.


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