Squiggly lines

I have a route planned out, which goes mostly by taste, but also a little with the sights, with nightly stops completely up to chance. To save money I’ve decided to camp every time I can, and I’m trying to cook at least 2 of my daily meals myself. Turkey has very nice organic ingredients, and the Tuk Tuk has shown better camping sides than I thought.

A few days ago I looked at the map to find a nice quite place for the night so I opened google maps, went along the coast following my route, and looked for a squiggly line next to the sea that had no towns or villages nearby. I found one that headed south from a small place called Tekirova, and turned my compass that way.

The only risk with doing this is that the map doesn’t say whether the squiggly line is a paved road, a gravel road, or a rocky mountain road that would be better left for a jeep. It turned out to be the latter one, and some kilometres later I thought to myself, ‘am I crazy going this far on a tuk tuk?’. Then I thought about my journey from Thailand to Finland, and decided that all journeys I start with a tuk tuk, I’ll finish with a tuk tuk, so I drove deeper and deeper into national park territory.

Halfway I came to a secluded beach and decided this was the perfect place to stop. There was nobody around so this was my time to go skinny dipping during a beatiful sunset. When I came out of the water the moonlight glistened, and I hung up my lamp to start on dinner.

I had bought some food from the shops so I fired up the wok. Note to self, if during the day you remember to buy matches or a lighter because you’re going camping in the middle of nowhere, DON’T FORGET TO DO SO WHEN AT THE SHOPS!

Luckily I saw a small fire on the other end of the beach about 500m away, so I wen’t to ask them for a light. There we’re 3 young guys camping there, and apart from them, nobody. I made my dinner, had some wine, and hung up my hammock inside the tuk tuk and slept like a baby.

The next morning, out of reach of any signals, I decided to rest and soak in the nature.

Turkki Cove

The tuk tuk is at the far end of the beach 😉

It was a windy day so cooking outside was a bit difficult this time. I tried to set up a windshield by hanging my hammock on the side of the tuk tuk, but the wind still kept coming from underneath. I went through different possibilities but none were better than others. Then it hit me.

I closed the rain covers and used the fashionable propeller things to angle the back of the tuk tuk perfectly into the wind. Then I fired up the the gas inside the tuk tuk, cooked myself some rice and a nice omelette.

Tuk tuk kitchen

Then it was time for some skinny dipping again. Oh life.

But when things are perfect on the outside, it’s time to dive deep on the inside. I’ve had the strangest dreams in a long time. They’ve been vivid and surreal, but at the same time cleansing and relaxing. I’d like to elaborate on them, but dreams are dreams, and very difficult to put into to words.

All I can say is that I saw one dream about an electric shock massage thing, kind of like a taser with low voltage, and I was massaging my scalp with it. Next thing I know I found a spot that sent really big shock into my brain and through my whole body and I could still feel it in the morning. The next day all my stress had gone away, and I was in a strange meditative state.

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  1. Ihania seikkailuja. Aikamoisia juttuja voi todellakin tehdä ilman suuria seteleitä, naku-uinti hiljaisella rannalla auringonlaskussa ei tosiaan maksa muuta kuin vaivan ja on varmasti sen vaivan arvoinen. Ja leiriytyminen luonnon keskellä ei koskaan ole huono idea. Itsekin pääsen pian sinne päin maailmaa, hauskaa! Good travels! 🙂


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