Touring the Taurus

I managed to get the Tuk Tuk out of Mersin International Port a few days back, and this time I had learned a few tricks. Instead of having 5 people pushing the thing back and forth trying to kick start the engine and waiting for the fuel to be sucked into the system, I knew that I could open one small screw, pull off the tube and suck the petrol into the pipes. All it needed was a quick turn of the key and bam, it was screeching like a weasel.


We hadn’t had time to fix the problem we had just before we shipped our baby from Karachi, which was worn down bearings in the alternator. This made one serpentine belt melt and snap in Pakistan, and I wasn’t going to let it happen again in Turkey. Word of advice, DO NOT KEEP ANY ENGINE ON THAT HAS A FAULTY ALTERNATOR!!

If the alternator doesn’t spin freely, the belt doesn’t spin freely, which means the battery will die out, the cooling system won’t work, and some third important thing will break that I cannot remember. If it goes on for too long you’ll have a busted engine, and that will be much more expensive to fix than changing the bearings on the alternator.

I towed the tuk tuk to the customs clearance office, detached the metal lump, and brought it to the mechanic. He opened it, cleaned it, and fixed it up to be better than new.


I was off in a jiffy speeding over the Taurus Mountains on the coast road that over looks the Mediterranean.

I could see boats and ships heading east, west, and south to Cyprus. I could almost imagine seeing that mystical island of Cyprus because on the map it seems so close, but in reality it’s still so far and I don’t think it’s possible to see even from the mountaintops.

I found a place called Tisan to spend the night and ended up being treated for a fun night of drinking, dancing, music and poetry. The scenery was breathtaking and I got to sleep around 4:30 in the morning. By 8 am I had had a quick dip in the sea and was heading off west again.


In the afternoon I got a clear message from above that lately I’ve had too much Raki, and too little water. The heavens opened up and water poured down on top of me as if the monsoons had finally caught up. In the process of trying to find shelter I got a flat tire, one spark plug wire got loose, and I hurt myself on the nice propeller thing we had put on as a decoration in Pakistan.

None of this was new to me so while driving I reattached the thing that plugs onto the spark plug, stopped to change the punctured tire in the pouring rain, and thought to myself, ‘how many times do I have to hurt myself on the propeller thing before I actually learn that it spins very very fast when going 80km/h?’.

In the end I made it to past Alanya to find shelter and sleep. All evening the electricity was off, only at the place where I was staying, and in the morning my mobile phone decided to start lying to me. It gathers it’s info from the net and tells me Alanya time is 8.18 am, even after refreshing. In reality it’s 10.18 am, which means I missed breakfast.

I think Juho is getting ready for a beautiful family feast in Portugal, because they really love their food, and it’s 8.18 am there.


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