Good news for Uranus


We are not on an adventure to find beautiful places, we are on an adventure to find beautiful people.

We met a nice guy working in the local TV-business and the last days we have been living in a Bangladeshi commune close to an area called Khilkhat. There are 4 guys living here, and all are studying or working in the hospitality field. Ones tuition is made possible because of a nice man from Helsinki, and if I have the chance, I will pass on the thank you in person.

For the rest of the time we have learned to navigate the local buses to shuffle ourselves through the masses. We’ve gone back and forth to the High Commission of India and they have continuously asked us to sit and wait.

After coming everyday to ask about progress, they gave us a number to telephone so we wouldn’t have to go back and forth and nag them. This was the key that made me realise how to deal with Indian bureaucrats.

When you are asked to sit, be respectful and sit, but soon after stand up again to do ‘something’. Look around, stretch, do anything but sit. Communicate with the body that you can wait, but you wish not to sit. This makes them nervous, and it is a clear sign that you are disobeying their power. But be respectful, otherwise they get a reason to use their power again.

You will continuously be asked to sit down, but kindly tell them you are ok standing. Ask them questions, chat, see how things are going forward. Suddenly things start happening because they realise you are not a dog, and they don’t want to get to know you. You must either give them satisfaction and wait sitting, or then leave, but don’t leave until you have done all you can to get what you need.

Nag them, nag them, nag them, but respectfully. Respect is utmost important here because otherwise you get nothing but disrespect in return. It is I who need to stay respectful, because they must start off disrespectful. I think it has to do with the immense amount of people in the country.

Once I respectfully show that I will not be treated like a dog, but I’m also not going anywhere, I earn their respect. Once this happens, the barriers crumble and their inner beauty starts shining through the cracks. This can be very difficult with some because their barriers are made of titanium and strengthened with everything possible, but I’ve noticed that the bigger the monster shielding on the outside, the more beautiful and fragile the heart inside. The change at its best is like seeing a butterfly emerge from its cocoon, and it’s a shame most never get to see it.

We’ve learnt a lot from being kicked around, and we’ve become stronger. We’ve learnt that we get what we give, and that’s why staying focused on goodwill is numero uno. We’ve also learned that I must shine my inner beauty onto others first, so that they feel safe enough to show their inner beauty to me. It is rude of me to ask someone to open up first, if I don’t have the courage to do it myself.

We’ve also learnt that all of the horror pictures of the future, are just in our own head and completely useless. They are excuses the mind wants to make so that we would give up, but finding the strength to go on always pays off.

We feel like Rocky. We’ve taken the hits and we are seeing stars, but we will use that to our advantage. Since the dawn of time stars have been used to navigate, and this month is an exceptionally good one. The sun will finally shine in places where it just don’t shine, because tomorrow, On June 6th a harmonious sextile from the Sun to Uranus inspires us to make a change and may bring in new ideas and ways of looking at our world.’

This means that we will go to India shining brightly, and we will leave a trail of burning rubber as we speed through to Pakistan. We got our passports back from the High Commission and we are shifting course back into India. There is still no news from the port, but I guess we will find out when we get there.

But no need to stress!

As things have gone exactly like we planned, we are against the clock once again because our Pakistan visas run out on June 18th. Damn bureaucracy. We should be able to change visas just as easily as the bankers change interest rates!

But it is soothing to know that even in the 13th century, when visas hadn’t been invented, Genghis Khan also had difficulty going through India.






Snakes keep popping up everywhere. Not a single day has passed for the last week or two where someone hasn’t mentioned them, or a picture hasn’t popped up somewhere, or someone hasn’t given us a Naga Buddha amulet.

Nagaland is calling hard, but alas, we must not hurry ourselves.

In the modern day with Facebook and Twitter, everything seems to go faster and faster. But life doesn’t. Life goes at it’s own speed and it does not bend to anyones will. We so want to leave Thailand already, and everybody else wants us to also, but life has different plans it seems. We must respect it.

Here are todays gifts from people we met and talked to.

Buddha protected by 7 Nagas. We were given 2, one each
Photo: Pyry Kääriä


Buddha with a protection prayer on the back given to Juho
Photo: Juho Sarno

Photo: Pyry Kääriä

Enlightened Buddha given to Pyry
Photo: Pyry Kääriä

As well as all the niceness from the Mae Moei people, one really good thing has happened. Our tuk tuk man, Mr. Pong, may have redeemed himself and made himself one of our best assets. He managed to help get the audience with the Myanmar Embassy, and he is trying his hardest to use all of his contacts to speed up the process so we can leave.

But alas, he is only human, like all of us. We can only do our best and nothing more, though I must say, that so far what I know of the Myanmar people, they really do their best. Especially when it comes to Songkran. Most of them seem to have eyes that penetrate the soul, and they party like there’s no tomorrow, for two weeks.

We crossed the border yesterday, again, and I have to say that the old saying, ‘third time is the charm’, should be changed to, ‘first time is the charm’, so that we wouldn’t have to do everything three times. We got through no problem, but our tugboat on wheels didn’t.

The letter from the Embassy had not made it to the central government of Myanmar before Songkran, and there, the party is just too good for anyone to answer phones, so we must wait ’till the party ends.

We used our chance while in Myanmar and spent some time partying with the Myawaddyans. After getting soaked within the first ten steps we went to find some food by the river. The locals were summersaulting into the river so we decided to join them. Very nice people with very potent self made drinks.


Photo: Juho Sarno

Photo: Juho Sarno



Then we came back towards immigration only to be stopped by a big group of ecstatic youngsters dancing like hell and squirting water every which way. By this time the alcohol had hit, and jumping around looked like fun, so we joined in and had a blast.



Video Screenshot, Tuk Tuk Travellers

Video Screenshot, Tuk Tuk Travellers


Not knowing if it was 5 o’clock already we went back to immigration just incase. The border closes at 5 and we were told to return before that. We found Myanmar Immigration partying also, so we spent our last hour dancing and drinking in no-mans land with them.


Photo: Juho Sarno

Photo: Juho Sarno

Myanmar has taken our hearts already.

We left with huge smiles on our faces and this time, we got a phone number for one of the Immigration guys so we can call him, and make sure, that next time we will definitely get through.