The ride from Riga to Tallinn was warm, -ish. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining brightly in our hearts as well as in the sky. The Tuk Tuk was working perfectly and the kilometres we diminishing quickly. Our dear friends had bought us the ticket home on the ferry, so all we needed was a place to stay for the final night.

We drove to a cafe in the centre of town to finish off work and use our contacts to find a nightspot. We stayed there for nearly 6 hours waiting for answers, because the thought of having to sleep in the tent for the last night sent shivers down our backs.

Just before we logged out to go pitch the tent we got a message from a friend saying, there’s a crazy Armenian sculpture artist that has his gate open for us. A stroke of luck, and the last night could not have been any better.

Upon entering his home we could already feel and see that he is a true artist. His way of being, talking, and looking at things was just amazingly inspiring. The conversation in 3 languages kept going for hours as the unforgettable bonding experience gave us a taste of Armenia.


We didn’t get the chance to think about it being the last night, which was great, and Juho’s hope to experience a little Caucasia came true. All I can say is that I definitely got a new found desire to go see Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

We nearly missed the ferry the next morning because our clocks were an hour wrong, but thankfully our dear friend Alex came to Tallinn to meet us. In the morning he sent us a message asking why we’re not at the place we’re supposed to be meeting him, and saved us from screwing up the final meters of our journey.

tallinnan satamassa

Darralautta, the hangover ferry. This is an experience that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the world. It has an atmosphere of depression and sorrow, suicidal tango playing in the background, and everyone is in a let-me-silently-kill-myself-in-my-mind-while-I-stare-into-nothingness hangover. This phenomenon cannot be explained, it truly has to be experienced.

It brought us down to earth from wherever it was that we were, as we too sat there staring out the windows wondering where we had come. 17,000 Km, 15 countries, and an infinite number of learned things. We started off with nothing, without any idea what we were getting ourselves into, and we’re still not quite sure what we are doing or what we’ve actually learned or even achieved. In the end it was all worth it though, whatever happens, because we succeeded in doing something good that we believed possible.

As the ferry ramp started to open up we could see the blue sky above Helsinki. We started the engine and waited for the cars to leave, and as us trucks were allowed to go, went the wrong way. Being nicely guided in the right way, we were ready to set foot back onto Finnish soil having some kind of direction in our lives.

We arrived to a group of people behind a fence with banners, flags, and the largest smiles on each of their faces. We stopped and smiled, and took some photos. Soon we were guided again into the right direction because we were accidentally going out from the entry lane, and apparently that’s not allowed.

Customs didn’t know what to do with the tuk tuk since it’s not anything in Finland, so they decided to accept Finland’s very first Thai tuk tuk to roam about and bring joy to their fellow people.


Since then it has been cleared by customs, given a temporary registraton plate, and is now officially in Finland. The police have even informed each other that there is a new vehicle roaming around the streets with papers checked, and there’s no reason to stop it, unless it’s doing something wrong.

But we prefer to do things right. Next week we will use whatever money we can scavenge, to make the first batch of what we think is a start to true Finnish street food. Finnish law forbids us to sell it, and we’re not gonna let it stop us, so we will give it away for free. Finally a taste of what we’ve learnt.

For those who enjoy reading our writing, the blog will be moving to our own website, We will inform about blog posts on our facebook page,

This adventure is still only at its beginning. During this upcoming rest period, we will actually learn what we learned, and we finally have the chance to dive head first into food. Afterthoughts, theories, and all the other nonsense will come in there as well, so not to worry.

To be truthful, we don’t even know what’s coming out. All we know is that it’ll be damn good, because we’ll do it the best we can. Don’t be expecting too many straight forward recipes because that’s not what making food is about. It might be more fruitful instead to not have any expectations at all. With us you never really know what you’re gonna get, but if you have faith and trust, we will do our best to exceed those expectations.