A bit of R&R before the final sprint

Kabak beach is in a beautiful valley in old Lycea. The Mediterranean is turquoise and warm, there’s beautiful waterfalls at hiking distance, and peak season is gone so there’s not too many tourists around. It’s a typical hippy paradise, and for now it’s been the perfect place to work.

Many people seem to get the impression that since we are travelling, we are on a holiday. Maybe it’s because we are enjoying what we do, maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, or the smiles on our faces while on the computer in the photos. If we didn’t work though, no-one would see any pictures, no-one would read any blogs, and no-one would know that we’re even on this journey, because none of it would exist.

We are not on this journey for our own pleasure. We are here because of us. Me, you, and Pyry all as a collective and that’s why we work so hard. We want to experience the best, and share it with you as well as we possibly can to inspire you to realise that all dreams are possible, and life can be lived with a smile no matter how difficult it might feel at times. The smile doesn’t always have to be on the face, but it should always be in the heart.

We’ve been working relentlessly for a year and a half now starting all the way in Finland building the foundation. The past 9 months have been on the road in ever changing situations and we never know what the day will bring. We’re continuously on our toes filming, writing, travelling, handling bureaucracy, insurances, compulsory company things, funding, finding places to sleep, cooking, relaxing, having fun etc. etc. etc.

I don’t even know what is work and what is free time anymore because it all bundles up together, and I’m quite sure that it’s like that for the majority of people in this world. What I do know, is that now is my time to have a long awaited holiday.

Two years ago my family and relatives planned a 2 week family get together in Portugal, and it starts in a few days on the 3rd of September. I’ve given up many things for this adventure, but this I will not give up. I finally get to see my son after spending nearly 6 months overtime on this homeward adventure of ours, and just that is worth the effort.

Pyry will head to Mersin to get the Tuk Tuk from the port, and I will head to Istanbul for my flight on Tuesday. I meet my wife and my son in Madrid, and drive to Portugal to see the rest of my family. After the two week holiday I will fly back to Istanbul and catch up with Pyry wherever he’s ended up for the final leg home.

It is impossible to describe in words how much this holiday means to me after all we’ve been through with Pyry. I get to hold my son, kiss my wife, hear my brother laugh, and enjoy quality wine with my parents and beloved relatives. This is going to be one of the best holidays of my life.


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