Türkiçe Delight

Turkish Coffee

  1. Mix finely ground coffee with cold water. Must be cold water, not cool or tepid!
  2. Add sugar if you like.
  3. Stir ten (10) times every once in a while when bringing to the boil in a copper pan. (Do this quickly and don’t waste time!)
  4. Pour into a cup half way and boil it up again (to let coffee sink to bottom). Fill the cup.
  5. Enjoy with chocolate and backgammon

Pyry Kahvi Turkki

It was past midnight when we arrived to Gokhen-something airport, and neither of us had a clue where to go. Juho had managed to quickly write down half of an address and the fact that there’s a hostel somewhere near Taksim square, but no name was written. We were once again trusting our luck.

Tired and sore from the flight and hangry from the bad airport food, we nagged at each other while trying to think of some kind of plan. There was no free wi-fi in the airport and even the sim cards at the stalls we’re designed to rip off tourists. We were clearly closing on Europe.

We ended up sitting in the shuttle bus towards Taksim square depressed about wasting the little money we have and before we knew it a guy came to ask us if we were from India. It was a very strange question to which we answered, no we are from Finland.

We did mention we have recently been to India, and then we started talking. We asked for directions to the cheapest hostel in Istanbul and even before the bus had moved an inch we had been invited to stay the night with him at his fathers place. All problems solved and our smiles were returned.

We spent the night with the artists and learned honest first hand information about what it’s like to live in Turkey. Papa is originally from Italy, Mama is originally from Iran, but our new found friend was born half way here in Istanbul. They live on the European side, which meant we had made it to Europe!

Here east and west meet and they truly meet foodically. This place is packed with flavours from both sides and it doesn’t matter what we eat we are in tears every time.

Unfortunately we could only stay one night with our new artist friends so they helped us to get a local sim, which in the city was easy and same price for everyone, and told us about different possibilities. Once the words island and camping were mumbled, the plan was set, we were to return to Asia.

To save ourselves from peak tourist season prices we were off to the Princess islands with our hammocks and swimsuits to fully immerse ourselves into sea water after longing for it since christmas. We bought ourselves some bread, cheese, olives, luscious garlic meze stuff, nectarines, tomatoes and figs to eat, all the while sipping on a few local beers. There’s no better sound to fall asleep to than waves breaking on a cliff face 10 meters under our hammocks.


We have morsed a cry for help into the digital world and it has been well heard. We now have many many contacts around Turkey for people who wish to host us to save money while we wait for our baby to sail into Mersin. We have 8 days to make our way there, and our route is directed by these good people who are willing to help.

Our bad start at the airport means there’s only one way for things to continue, and it’s all for the better. The people are great, everyplace is green and full of flowers, and I think we have hit paradise.

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  1. I love Istanbul! Never made it to the islands because I visited the city in the winter. Your hammock looks like it’s set in paradise, wow. Nothing beats sleeping in places like that, only surrounded by nature. I think I need to return to Turkey sometimes in the near future. Enjoy and explore the inspiring city! Seikkailkaahan munkin puolesta! Ps. You must know about the big circus event in Turkey, which starts soon? 🙂


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