The Death of a Mentor

Mr. Robbin Williams, someone I have truly looked up to my whole life, died a few days back. He spent his whole life cheering people up, making people laugh and giving a smile to so many. He was one of the best there was, and I cry for his loss.

I wish that his intention lives on forever, and spreads out into the world. There are so many fighting for a happier world, but many who do so feel hopeless and lonely. I hope that from the loss of the greatest, we learn that no single man or woman should feel they are doing so alone, because we need each and every one.

We have come up with a new challenge, like these squat or hang for 30 min a day for 30 days. We challenge ourselves to smile for at least 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. If 30 minutes is too much at first, confidence can be built up by starting from a few minutes at a time, and repeating it during the day until 30 minutes is reached.

Practice makes perfect, and seeing smiles around makes it easier, makes life easier, and makes people feel happier. We have the ability to nurture happiness back into the world, but because we only have one mouth, it is impossible to do alone. If you see someone smile, accept it, keep it, and duplicate it. Smiles don’t grow on trees, they grow on faces.

Let’s us smile together, even while crying, to keep alive one of the most gifted and magical of spirits.

Thank you Mr. Williams for being you, and sacrificing so much.

Rest in Peace my friend.


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