Balancing On a Tight Wire

Never in my life have we planned and prepared as well as for this project. When we left Finland in December we had all the visas and documents possible to obtain, and we knew where to get rest of them. After 6 months of setbacks it’s time to admit that not a single plan has worked out.

All our visas, all our permissions, everything has expired. Not only expired, but expired just before we could do our next move. Since the beginning we’ve been walking on a tight wire.


Last week started the latest roller coaster, and tomorrow will tell us where it leads.

You probably remember that our Iranian visas expired because we had to fix our tuk tuk in Karachi. Last week we tried to apply for new visas after finding out that flying the tuk tuk would cost 8,500€, just to find out that it takes 1 month to get them.

Frantically we tried to arrange ourselves shipping that was cheap enough for our budget, but nobody answered. This was disappointing because our Pakistan visas expire on Monday, which means tomorrow. Naturally we tried to extend our visas, but exit-visas cannot be extended. That was last Thursday. No way out, and no way of staying here. It was a blue moment.

We are in Karachi though, and here everything is possible. Before we could reach our ukuleles to mourn our destiny, we had a call from our host. He had arranged us a shipping company to ship our tuk tuk to Turkey ASAP and he had contacted his friends in high positions to help us with the visas.

Unfortunately his friends couldn’t help with the visas, but luckily the shipping worked, and it worked fast. Mr. Amin from Seagate logistics arranged us shipping on Friday, and got his staff to pick up our tuk tuk that same day, literally.

kiesi kyytiin

Saturday she went to port and is now awaiting for custom clearance. This will take some time which we don’t have.

So, whats the plan?

Tomorrow morning we will walk to immigration, tell them the situation and hope for the best. We’ve gotten this far with honesty, let’s see if it will work out again.


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