Better to be somewhere than nowhere

Last week we felt like nothing was going anywhere. Everything seemed to be floating and we felt we needed to something. And when nothing goes anywhere, one option is to go somewhere yourself.

So with nothing better to do we decided to ditch the idea of going to the mountains to enjoy life and instead legged it down to Mumbai-Bombay in 3 days to see about the shipping. It’s only 1500 Km so why not.

Pyry adamantly said we should stay in Delhi because of a hunch about the Pakistan visas, but Juho wanted to take the sure way and come to ship the damn thing out of India asap. Pyry wanted to go through Pakistan no matter what, but Juho has a kid and he wants to get home. The decision was quite simple.


We ended up in Pushkar for the night and it felt like a peaceful haven. We wanted to stay there for one day and two nights, but we got a message from the shipping company that we needed to be in Mumbai on Monday morning if we wanted to ship the tuk tuk this week so we woke up at 4 a.m. and drove 16 hours all the way to Vadodara.

The traffic was not as bad as we feared, but even so, it’s still a thousand times more chaotic because of the indecency towards fellow drivers. It’s amazing how a 3 laned highway can be blocked by just three trucks, all trying to pass one another at 30km/h at the same time. Once two trucks had stopped side by side diagonally to have a chat, blocking all the lanes on the highway ramp. Our Tuk Tuk does her share also.

People awe at our vehicle, drive like crazy next to us, and start chatting and taking photos. It’s nice to get the attention but it totally cramps the lanes for others, especially when it happens in the middle of a roundabout. But after various landscapes, a desertful of sand and billions of trucks later, we ended up in Mumbai ready for the shipping company.

It turned out that taking the initiative was the right thing, and the wrong thing to do.

The good thing is that everything went nicely with the shipping company this time and it will be quick and easy, if we decide to do it. The tuk tuk would make for Fridays shipping and it would be in Iran 2 weeks later.

We also met 3 journalists who work for 3 different newspapers and they got interested about us. They took some photos and we ended up in the Hindustan Times already for todays paper. Less than 24 hours we have been here and already we’re in the second largest newspaper in India.

We also had good luck in Finland since we’re in the third largest newspaper, that is also the most visited website of Finland. All together today we have about 7 million potential readers, and if the other 2 articles come out, another 2 million on top of that. Not too shabby for a days work.

Then, naturally, we heard some news from Pakistan.

We have apparently been granted the visas, and crossing Balochistan seems to be an option again. We might just have to drive back the 1500Km to get the visas by Friday and head off to Pakistan. We still want to make sure crossing Pakistan is possible before making this decision, but time is running out. If we want to cancel the shipment we have to do it tomorrow morning, and if we drive to Delhi we need to start by noon.

Decisions with limited information, again.

Last time a difficult decision was made Pyry drove to Mumbai because Juho wanted to get home sooner than later. Pyry still wants to go through Pakistan no matter what, so now Juho should be ready to drive back for Pakistan. In any case, we should be out of India by the weekend.

But before we go, we will learn a little about the Sikh people, because today we met some nice Bearded Sikh men who’m Pyry bonded with right away. They invited us for dinner at their home, and because earlier today we were talking about not having had the chance to spend time getting to know the locals, we took the chance and said yes.

Apparently his mother is an excellent cook.

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  1. Dont miss it, go through Pakistan. Take the Makran coastal highway from Karachi if possible. You will love it. The place to be in up north in the mountains but not sure if your tuk tuk would be able to handle it. Go through Lahore, Islamabad, Multan(old town with a lot of saints), Sukkur, Moenjodaro, Karachi, Gwaddar and off to Iran. There are 180 million people living there, things aren’t ideal but its still more likely to get bitten by Suarez than get abducted for ransom 😛


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