Past, Present and Future are all in one now. It’s quantum Physics.

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Enlightenment, 08.05.14, Yangon


Today I had the most beautiful realisation I could never have imagined.

There is no evil in this world.

Myanmar Sunrise

Things are neither good nor bad, they just are. The only evil is what each and every one of us brings to this world in our own thoughts.

Every single one of us is at fault for bringing bad thoughts into this world. I bet everyone, including myself, has blamed someone or something for making this world go haywire. I have blamed money, and the greedy, feminism, chauvinism, stupidity, technology and everything imaginable. These thoughts were my reason I allowed myself to act badly.

I know now that I was wrong, and I am sorry.

While everyone is at fault, at the same time no-one is at fault, because it is natural. Life comes from water, and water itself does nothing. It only flows to where it finds balance.

Sometimes water flows so fast and so quickly that it seems to destroy itself. Water will even do a suicide jump, and leap off a cliff to find balance at the bottom of the waterfall. There ferocious white water destroys itself into mist, and the most beautiful pool of serenity cleanses everything within its vicinity. Around the waterfall life grows with such determination that few can deny a more beautiful sight.

Water continues its journey all the way down into the ocean, where it is once again lifted up into the clouds to rain down and start the rebirth of its cycle.

I believe life, the way I think, has been accelerating to the point where it has now jumped off the cliff, and it is waiting for the serenity. Monsoon season is coming and every living thing is waiting for it to clean out the old, and bring new life.




Fragrance of Yangon, 09.05.14 (This is what Juho managed to write, before he ran out of energy)


While Pyry was having visions of enlightenment in the golden pagodas of Yangon, I was going thorough the agony and catharsis of diarrhoea. Of the five days we were in Yangon I was 4 days either in bed or in the bathroom vomiting and shitting liquid.

Right now I feel as light as a falling feather, and the winds have taken me. I don’t even try to go through the journeys I went inside, instead I’ll try to share how I experienced Yangon from the bottom of my bed.

I could see the city, a strange mix of massive colonial era offices hoisting Myanmar flags, minarets, temples, churches and busy construction sites. Everything cobwebbed by electrical wires and Golden Pagodas looming from every corner. Overall it seemed like a mixture of Bangkok and Paris, at least in my feverish Dagon like dreams. Yangon used to be called Rangoon, and before that, Dagon.

People were beautiful. Indian, Chinese and the Burmese all wearing skirts or loungies as they call them. We got ourselves loungies also and it is the most laid back, or lungi as we say in Finnish, piece of garment I’ve ever had. It’s especially handy if you need to run to the toilet every 5 minutes.

I could also hear the sounds, cars accelerating, muezzins calling from the minarets, street vendors yelling for the

But it’s not the Loungies, not the architecture, not all the yelling,

This country is changing, it’s changing faster than anybody realises, people seem to be overwhelmed from the new opportunities.

!!There are new scents in Yangon. Scents that rip throughout the flesh straight into the soul. There’s a smell of money and the fragrance of freedom.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish the latter one will win.




The Tree of Life, 11.05.14


Once again we are baffled by the human spirit. Even in a touristic place like Bagan, there are people who care about the heart more than anything else.

We rented bicycles to go and film the sunset at the temples of Bagan, but we were hungry and stopped to eat at the first local restaurant. Once again we were in the cheapest part of town so a non-touristic restaurant was easy to find.

As we locked up our bikes we were greeted by two nice gentlemen and they asked us to sit at the table next to them. We didn’t share any language, but one of the men pointed behind the restaurant and mimed wood carving. We saw a large peacock that was sitting on a tree stump, and behind it a carving of a few roosters, all carved from one piece of wood.

The man wanted to show us his home and his masterpieces, so courteously we followed. He has carved trees for over 45 years and he had Pandas, Elephants, Tigers, Horses, Buddhas, Turtles and everything imaginable, all mind glowingly realistic and beautiful. He even carves the Burmese marionettes, the Yoké Thé.

He showed us his workshop, his tools, and even the book that shows the anatomy, poses, and movement of most of the animals he had lying around his home. Clearly one must understand every aspect of the animal, before it can be carved so that it is alive. Every single eye looked like it had a soul, and it was backed up with the perfect facial expression and muscle tensity throughout the body. A master really knows his art.


We went back to eat and the man said he had payed for our meals already. This came as a sudden surprise because we just met him, so we didn’t know what else to do but thank him.

During our lunch we decided to use the opportunity and film a scene about what had happened and dive into the mans art. He was grateful that we cared so much and in the end invited us to dinner with his family. It was a full house with The man, his wife, brother and 8 children. We brought our ukuleles and balloons, and they treated us to dinner and beer.


We were having a blast blasting balloons and mingling with the kids and one of The mans kids showed us his masterpiece. It was only a photo, but we could see others like it lying around.


This kid is one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met, even though he has never gone to school. He could even learned to make nicer balloon animals within seconds of just seeing us make a dog and a pig, which are still the only ones we know how to make. We bonded so well that the kid gave us two elephants he had made as gifts, and they are absolutely amazing by any standard and the kid is 8.

After the lovely evening, we gave the rest of our balloons to the children and went home to sleep, only to be invited again for breakfast.

Modern Day Shamanism, 12.05.14


Juho has had something for over a week now that has made him feel horrible, and nothing stays in. No remedy has worked.

Yesterday and this morning the final pieces of my healing puzzle came together. Last night a beautiful burmese woman tried to sell me a hand carved scroll of the Buddhas life. I bought nothing, but what she didn’t know was she gave me the key to the last piece of understanding I needed to call myself a true Shaman seedling, and she gave it for free.

She explained to me that the scroll shows the Buddhas life. Around Buddha were the 8 days of the week with Wednesday being split into Morning and Evening, all of the animals, and the universe in it’s whole. Then she said the magic words, ‘The Buddha defeated all evil with his Love’.

This morning after breakfast I came back to the room to see all of the gifts that people have given us and with these words of Buddhas love I decided to try something. I arranged all of our gifts on Juhos’ bed in a symbolic way and started my own shamanic healing ritual.

I took our Orchid, our symbol of roots and mother earth, an placed it by the feet. On either side of the plant I placed our two newly arrived elephants so that they were marching towards the head alongside the body. Elephants never forget, and they will cry over a lost relative for weeks, sometimes even months, sometimes never being able to let go.

Elefantit marssivat sängyllä

Next to the head I placed my necklace that has 3 Buddha amulets. One where 7 nagas protect, one with unknown meaning to me, i.e. emptiness, the one that makes everything possible, and one with an enlightened Buddha.

Within this necklace I placed our turtle, our rabbit, and my amulet of fertility. For my birthday, my godson, Juhos’ son, gave me the story of the turtle and the rabbit and he told me that they are like us. I am the turtle, and Juho is the rabbit.

Fertility, penetration is a taboo these days, but without fertility there is no will to penetrate the mystery. Without love there is no will that wants to penetrate the mystery of life, and without it my godson Atlas would never have been born.

Next to these three amulets I placed the block of sandalwood, that is used to relieve muscle pain. Next to Juhos’ heart I placed Pylle, our Pirate teddybear and I finally know what he symbolises. Our Pirate teddy symbolises a treasure so immense, that it can only be found by those with the will to find it, and those who manage to find it, get more than all of the gold and diamonds put together. This treasure is called Love.


I lit a smaller piece of sandalwood that we got already in Bangkok, and let the smoke and the fragrance clean the vicinity of Juhos bed, and left it next to its big brother, the larger block of sandalwood.

The phoenix cries tears of regeneration, and I now know why.

Tears of love, laid in full faith, shall restore life into whoever they are intended. With this intent the will of life shall be returned and they will live the full number of days that they are meant to. This is the same as the full number of days that they want to. If the will of life is lost, life is lost. The will of life must be returned to those in sickness.

I then opened my heart all the way to my soul, and started to cry. With my own heart full of love for my friend, my family, the one that without I would be alone on this Journey, I meditated. In my thought I tried to penetrate the evil within, and defeat it with the best known cure for life.

I must do all I can, otherwise my biggest childhood fear would come back to haunt me. I don’t want to be alone. A life of loneliness is a life without love.

Buddha Scroll