Cotton Flowers




I had a dream last night where beautiful cotton flowers were falling from the sky. It was as if the softest parts of the clouds descended down, and covered the entire ground. It was like powdered snow, only much more beautiful.


Everyone stopped in amazement to watch, and as the snowflake-like cotton flowers softly caressed everyones cheeks, the whole world smiled. I have never seen, or felt, the world in such softness, such ease, such unitedness. It felt like everyone was able to let go, and sink into a state of bliss. It was beautiful.


Then I woke up on. The hard tile floor was cold as ice, and I had only 35cm of room between the wall and the bed. Juho was sleep on the soft 80cm bed with a nice warm blanket, and all I had was a sheet, and a bottle of Hong Thong.

Outside I feel cold, but inside I still feel the cotton flowers. My heart feels soft, and I like it.


For the last few days we have been mapping out many different possibilities on how to get from Thailand to India. Ferries don’t really sail the Indian ocean, but cruise ships do. Cruise ships are also full of people, who like to be indulged and entertained. I’ve noticed circus being a good tool for that.

We’ve also been to the Chiang Mai airport to ask about air freight, and we’ve contacted many cargo companies. Soon we will have some information about those also.

We sort of gave up the idea of driving to India, but yesterday we got some good news. Tomorrow we see how far that gust of wind takes us.

I hope that our next blog will be from India.

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  1. It sounds like a good plan to hop by planes or ferries from country to country and concentrate on driving and cooking in those countries that you can get to visit. Thailand and India are superinteresting and also Russia. Nice also if you get to visit some Stan-countries!

  2. After reading the previous text wanted to say that we all should always keep in our heads the sentence “There are always more that one solution” – even when feeling everything is lost or there are no possibilites 😀 due there are ,)! Just keep your courage and energy up all will sort out in a way or another 🙂


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