Lucky Horse Year!

Happy New Year! Again!

They say that whenever the year changes, you get a new beginning. Here in Thailand it means that everyone gets many beginnings. First comes the western new year and then the Chinese new year which started last friday and lasts for days. In april comes the Buddhist new year, Songkran for the Thais, which literally translates to moving forwards. The secret of Luck

The first new year started beautifully, and lets see if the second new year will brings us our horse that will take us home for the third new year. This week has been the first week of the year of the horse.

photo: Pyry Kääriä

photo: Pyry Kääriä

Not only the year of the horse, but the year of the wooden horse. As you can imagine Chinese put a great value on symbolism, and the horse has quite a many symbolical features. Now we’ll go fundamentalist and pick only the features supporting our cause. Astrology is not really my cup of tea, but I put a great weight on thinking and talking positively, thats psychology.


… is transportation, which is quite suitable for us.

… brings luck, and luck is very important. The secret of Luck

… is a noble animal, which i guess can be linked to our tuk tuk because,                                       the tuk tuk is, of course, the only vehicle fit for a King.

… is a sign of romanticism. We have always, since the dawn of our beloved life, been true romantics where poetry and beauty has enveloped our hearts and crushed them time after time. True romance does not come without loss and longing. Casablanca is Casablanca                                            for a reason.

… is able and intelligent, just like us.

… is connected to fire, and as this is the year of a wooden horse, it is going to burn with the flame of all flames. Soon there will be a great emptiness waiting to fulfil its potential, and from the ashes, the phoenix will rise, only to cry its tears of regeneration.

… is alway ready to work to make things happen, unless it needs a rest, just like us.

Some astrologers even mention that this is the year of unexpected adventure, how ’bout that 🙂

And thats the most important thing. If you want to achieve something, keep yourself focused. Treat every setback as an opportunity and don’t waste your energy whinging about it.

We are already 2 weeks late from our schedule and at first it seemed a bit problematic. Then we decided to keep our focus and do what we can. We have used this opportunity to practice filming, to fly paper airplanes from one bureaucratic office to the next, we have learned to drive and fix our tuk tuk, and most importantly we have had time to rest.

It has been surprisingly difficult to rest because of the urge to work. The habit of working every day towards this project for the last 11 months has continuously been bubbling under the skin. At the beginning of the week we felt apathetic. We didn’t feel like talking or doing anything, but after letting go and letting ourselves rest, everything started to get brighter again. Just in time for the Year of the horse.

The secret of Luck, click on it and watch it. Believe me, this will bring you luck and at best even tears to your eyes.

May the Horse be with you!


Photo: Pyry Kääriä


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