Holiday in Cambodia

Life is all about taking opportune moment and using it right. As Miaymoto Musashi said,  “Do what you do, but do it steadfast and determined.” Here in Thailand this kind of attitude has became priceless for us. Circumstances are changing, Bangkok Shutdown has slowed our tuk Tuk’s registeration process, and we still have no certainty when will it happen. So we are using our time here in Bangkok, trying to get best out of it. There’s plenty of work to do. Filming and preparations for the journey, including emailing three different ministries in Myanmar.

Today in the morning, I really felt that I want to go forwards from Bangkok. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place. It’s like the fragrance in the air, fragrance of a distant fires with a little bit of cinnamon in it. Scent of adventure. I guess you know what I’m talking about, the urge to see the next place.

So it occured half ‘n hour ago that we must go to Cambodia. You see, Bangkok shutdown has delayed our departure, so we must do all sorts of bureucratic somersaults to keep things proper ‘n working. One of those things is our Thai Visa, and we just figured out that we cannot extend our visas twice in the immigration office, and the visas end today. So we did the carpe diem and decided to go to Cambodia for a visa run. So soon we can update a DIY guide on how to do a visa run from Bangkok to Cambodia, to accompany the DIY guide visa run Ranong. (

Tomorrow we should be back for some proper Tuk tuk Training, and border closes in 8 hours. Better start running 🙂



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  1. We love Cambodia as well. Hope you enjoy. If you still have more delays you should come to meet us in Vietnam. Street food in Vietnam is amazing. We can teach you how to dive and you can make us to do circus performance!


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