Efficient waitring

Last night we went to have some of the best seafood ever at one street food restaurant on Sam Sen soi 2. Baby clams fired with chilli paste and basil, Grilled prawns and Larb Moo.

Photo: Pyry Kääriä

Photo: Pyry Kääriä

It was strange at first because the waiter brought us the menu, paper and a pen, and then went back to work. After a while he came to check if we had filled out our order. Turned out we had to write the order ourselves.

After thinking about it, this idea of customers writing their own order turned out to be very very efficient. Many times in restaurants the waiter must wait, sometimes minutes, before people are ready to order. Also many times in a group others know what they want and one person still doesn’t know what they want. This might add another minute or two of waiting.Then someone wants to change their order because someone elses sounded better or because of this or that. This is all waiting time for the waiter and waiting is never efficient.

Once they saw that the order had been written, they went through the order to make sure they understood everything and off they went again. This way they could serve 30-40 people in a surprising amount of time with only 2 waiters. Genious!


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