Organic Balance vs. Bangkok Shutdown

Photo: Pyry Kääriä

Photo: Pyry Kääriä

One of the first things we noticed here in Thailand, is that in a place like this, it is essential that everybody understands giving and taking, the basics of communication. In the simplest of things like crossing the street or making food, the off-balance can be noticed quickly.

Traffic is about communication. It may seem chaotic at first but in a place like this with millions of people and millions of cars, people must give way when needed and take their own space when needed. Organic communication is the only way for the logistics to work so that everyone can get on with life without being run over. It’s about knowing your own limits and trusting the others. There’s no other way. Otherwise it can take a very very long time to cross the street.

The same applies for food. If one taste overpowers all else, the food tastes horrible. Thai food is about balance and in almost all of Thai food, whether it is a main course or a dessert, all of the tastes are there. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Umami and Fat. Almost every dish in thailand has the taste buds tingling and a master chef can communicate with the body in a way that brings euphoria to every nook and crevice. Things work and every cell is happy. It’s a stepping stone towards a healthier future for the body.

But if one taste overpowers the others, the euphoria is gone, the balance is gone, and health starts to deteriorate. If one takes too much space, the others cannot do what they need, and sooner or later that taste becomes bland and the body will want something else. The body communicates and if it is listened to, things will turn to the better. If it is not listened to, then it will forcefully communicate, and that usually means sickness.

Food-wise Thailand is still one of the best in the world, but politically-wise it is a little out of balance. International news is full with articles about Bangkok Shutdown, speculating the facts and effects and spreading fear. Many are fleeing Bangkok and others filling their closets with food and water preparing for something really bad.

So far the protest has been a big happy festival with music, dancing and a lot of smiling. Let’s hope that it continues that way. We are getting our Tuk Tuk next week and cannot leave before we get it registered and get a mechanics course. Estimated time of departure is 24th of January. This means that we can update what we see here without the media propaganda that usually likes to instil fear.

Believe what you want, but fear leads to panic and panic shuts down all systems. Positive thinking feeds positive ways and fear hits the fight-flight reflex (which neurologically speaking passes the rational part of the brain completely). This is exactly what is happening here. Some are fleeing and others are preparing to fight. Most people seem to live their lives exactly the same way as they always have. Tomorrow we’ll see.

All we know is that the balance of giving and taking is essential for any organism to work, be it a singular organism or an organism of 100,000,000 people (Officially Thailand has 66.79 million but you get the point). If it falls one way or the other, it is off-balance.

Everything communicates all the time and this is called life. If life is not listened to, then forget about a better future.


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