Holidays are over

Today was the first steps we took on Myanmar soil. Very exciting! If you need to do a quick visa run from Ranong, here’s a link to a good explanation on how to do it cheap by yourself. Don’t fall on the organised visa runs, they are really expensive and it’s actually quite easy to DIY. Immigration opens daily 8.00 a.m. make sure you are early as the queues get longer and boat rides more expensive the later you go. Things you need with you is a new uncreased 10 dollar bill printed after 2007, your passport and a new copy of your passport.

We spent a total of maybe 45 minutes there, mostly in the immigration office and a quick tea (which was really good). Apparently Myanmar is a big tea-loving country that has no coffee of its own, but lots of great tea. There’s even some wild tea left in this part of the world, which explains the excellent Burmese tea leaf salads we had on Phayam the other day. Apparently they use tea leaves in many recipes intended for eating instead of drinking.

After the visa run we took a bus to Chumporn and now we are sitting on the night bus going towards Bangkok. Holidays are over and the final push before departure is about to begin.

We’ve met some really nice people on our detour down south and had some excellent conversations. One of the most interesting was about an equation between power, responsibility and freedom, and how they work together to form the balance. And why the balance these days is a bit out of whack. It’s amazing what people think of when they have time to think. But lets not go there, at least not yet.

We got some comments from our empowerment blog and we are sorry about offending some people. Please don’t take offence from our thoughts. We want to be open about our thoughts and sometimes it comes out a bit bluntly. Sometimes it’s quite scary to speak your mind and the bluntness comes from trying to spill it out. They are just thoughts and nothing more and our thoughts are no more right or wrong than anyone else’s. Empowerment is about feeling good, so we are truly sorry 🙂

The time is now 22.58 and it feels like a bushel of bananas is hanging from the eyelids. Sleep is calling and we need it.

Two weeks of freshly picked visa, nine hours of bus ride, and a bagful of hope that in the next few days we will finally get our tuk tuk should be a recipe for something great. We will do our best to not under cook it or over do it, because even the best of recipes can end up being a disaster if not done with care.

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