Time for tea.

For the first time since this project began i’ve had time to spare. Joulurauha (christmas peace) has come and gone and the breeze is flapping on the hammock.

A few days ago i had a nightmare. I’ve had one nightmare like this before and its not the usual kind. This was a nightmare where one of my childhood deamons was shunned from my life.

In the other likewise dream i had a few years back i actually shot one of my deamons, and since then that fear, that idea has never come back. The next day an old injury opened up from my pelvis/lower back and started the healing process. The pain has also never come back 🙂

This time the dream was very biblical. An angel wrapped me in her arms to protect me and shouted, ‘get the #$/& away from this one and never comeback. If you come back i’ll kick your ass!!’. And the deamon just walked away 🙂

This time a 15y old injury in the middle of my spine opened up and i can feel the healing process has begun. 5 years i’ve been trying to fix it in many different ways and finally!
I guess this is part of the tuk tuk process. I can feel my body preparing for a 3 month journey in a tuk tuk and i’m glad its doing it!

Oh, it’s time for tea! Out of the hammock and to the cooker. Internet’s a bit difficult here so if you don’t hear from us before, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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  1. Kimmo, pojat kehottivat sanomaan, että olkaa nyt varovaisia ja tarkkaavaisia koko paluumatkan ajan. Hyvää uuutta vuotta ja matkan tekkoo, matkan tekkoo… tapu


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